Considering purchasing an upright piano?

Need to know what the normal prices are before you go into a piano store?

You won’t discover prices on the official websites. If you do, they are intentionally too big so that they can give you a “discount” when you go to the store.

You likely won’t see any prices on a piano merchant’s site from your area. Piano merchants for the most part don’t want to tell you the price via telephone. They want you to come to them so they can much more likely sell you the piano in person than over the phone.

It’s good to know what different sellers ask for different pianos.

To find out prices of pianos:

  • Try looking online if you know exactly which one you’d like. If you know the model and the make then it’s relatively easy to find out the price, but don’t fall pray to private auctions as they are usually too overpriced due to sentimental value.
  • Counsel with a nearby piano specialist .
  • Visit your towns piano stores and look around.

When trying to sell you piano you should think of these things:

Calculate the cost of repairs in your restored piano

You found some prices of the same piano you restored, but don’t forget to add the restoration costs in there so you get maximum value from it.

Look at other peoples prices

Don’t just price your piano randomly, ask a specialists help or look online at other prices.


You have to consider the quality of your piano, even if you find the same pianos as yours yours might be more expensive, because it’s in better condition etc.