Will my legs fit under the small piano?

It’s true that there is not a lot of extra room for your legs. You probably need a small chair or an adjustable one if you are above average height. There is usually 62cm of leg room in a small upright piano, but they vary from piano to piano, there can be as much as 70cm leg room or as little as 58cm, so check if you feet will fit under the piano before you buy one.

Will i need a note stand?

Usually there is a book holder in every small upright piano, but there are some exceptions of course. If there is a book holder then it suits almost any kind of book or note sheet. You should definitely get a note stand if there is no book holder.


There are a few small upright pianos that have a third pedal. It has the same function as the lever that is under the keyboard of most pianos. Using the third pedal will put some felt in between the pianos strings and hammers. This makes the piano almost silent, its and awesome tool if you don’t want to wake your neighbors.


You should know that because of the wooden floors the small upright piano has the sound it makes is quite loud. You can make it less loud by putting objects in your room so the piano won’t resonate so much and put a carpet under it. Keep in mind that because the piano is made of wood it doesn’t like a lot of heat and high humidity. If you have heated floors in the room you might want to turn the temperature down a bit.