1. Make and AD online – displaying your piano on the right websites can give you a lot of interested views and maybe even a quick sale.

What you should be looking for online:

  • A popular website that is made specifically for musical instrument sale
  • Look for a music forum and locate the sales section there
  • Websites where you can put up an AD
  • Check Ebay or Aliexpress

The best thing about online ads is that you can upload an image with your ad, a good picture will play a big role in the speed at which your piano will sell.

Despite the fact that internet and online advertising is growing faster and faster every day, don’t forget about oldschool advertising methods like for example newspaper ads, putting your ads up on telephone posts or restaurants. Many people still read newspaper sale ads and might just be looking to be a piano.

2. Contact you local music store or a piano tech in your town/city. They might be wanting to buy your piano to refurbish and sell at a better price. You might get less than you had hoped for, but you will get rid of your piano a lot faster and free up the extra space it is taking in your garage.

3. Check yellow pages for advertisements about piano buying, you might find a good deal this way.

4. You might call a piano moving company that also sells pianos, they might be willing to buy and move your piano at a good price.