Nobody wants to hire someone to move their piano into another room, but you might have to as doing it alone can be very hard. If you move you piano wrong whether it’s a upright or a grand piano, you can accidentally break the pianos leg and it could fall on you trapping you underneath. Breaking a leg on a upright piano is not that bad, however on the grand piano it can be irreparable. It can happen if you have uneven floors or the piano will get stuck when moving it around a corner.

If you have a carpet, then its best not to move it on your own as that can damage or break the legs on the piano. If you really don’t want to hire anybody, then at least get some help. You plus couple of people could move the piano by lifting it a little moving it like that. Dragging or pushing the piano is usually the reason something bad happens to your precious piano.

If you have an upright piano, then you and someone else should do it. The upright piano is a lot smaller than the grand piano, making lifting and moving it simpler. Be that as it may, don’t forget that a large portion of the heaviness of the piano comes from the back of it, so make sure you have a firm hold on it and don’t tilt it far or it might tip over. If you plan on dragging your piano then make sure you don’t have carpet anywhere in between the start and end point. Be careful when taking the piano around the corners as pianos tend to get stuck in the doorways because of their size and don’t drag the piano over your foot by accident.

Piano wheels

If you want to save yourself loads of headache then get prepared before you start moving your piano around.

There are special piano wheels made for grand and upright pianos that will make your life a whole lot easier. There are also trucks and dollies for the piano. The one you choose to buy depends on how big is your piano, how much you are going to move it around, how easy it is to equip them, quality, price and so on. If you don’t know which one to choose ask for a specialists help. You don’t want to buy a grand piano truck or dolly for you upright piano by accident.