What’s the value of your piano?

The estimated value of a piano depends particularly on the buyer and the seller and their experience. There are two types of prices you will see in different piano dealer stores. One is the price that is based on the outside look of the piano and the other price is based on the quality of the materials and insides of the piano. Don’t judge a book by its cover and demand to see what is inside of the piano. You might buy a piano that looks beautiful on the outside, but the insides are damaged or rotten.

Be careful when buying online

When buying online you need to ask for the paperwork to prove its worth the asking price. Usually private piano sellers have no idea what their pianos are worth and are basing the price solely on sentimental value. If that is the case then you can probably get the price down considerably. Take a specialist with you to look the piano over, if it needs any repairs then you can get the price even lower. The price is usually set at more than the piano is worth , because the seller knows that everyone loves to bargain, so you probably can buy the piano for 15% less easily.


To avoid getting scammed, you should know the prices of the pianos you are trying to find. There are plenty of sources where you can see the prices, makes and models of all currently manufactured pianos and the ones that are not manufactured anymore. Information is key of a successful buy, not only in piano buying, but anywhere. When going to a piano store or to a private vendor you should write down how much the piano was worth new and if they try to get one over on you, you can show them that they are full of it.

Be knowledgeable and careful when buying piano, happy hunting.