The advantages of studying with a private tutor are very obvious: the teacher can focus solely on you, you can set up a class attendance plan, and somebody to ask questions from. Anyone who has taken lessons from a teacher can tell you that it’s totally worth it and you will improve very fast.

If you are on a tight budget you might be thinking about the cost of it all.

All things considered, the instrument itself is pretty costly. Maybe you’re worried about hidden extra costs? How much is the norm to pay for a private lesson? Can you do it on a tight budget? Or will just couple of lessons force you in bankruptcy?

Rather than being scared of the private lesson costs, think about these things as you’re looking at possible lessons. With a little bit digging, you can locate the right private piano lessons and an excellent teacher who will develop your piano skills.

What is the price?

There is no set price for the lessons as the price depends on a couple of factors, like the teachers skills, experience, the length of the lesson and location.

The normal price for a private lesson is 20-50 dollars for a half an hour lesson. While this might be the norm, you will likely come across some that are a lot more expensive, don’t be scared it’s not a scam. You should always contact the tutor if you have any questions about the price.