Piano accessories may seem insignificant to you will, but believe me when you are not comfortable playing or something is bothering you, then your ability to focus on making musing will go down significantly. There are a couple of things every piano owner should have. It is of course your personal preference whether to buy some of these things or not, but i like to have these things in my arsenal:

Note stand

You maybe have a grand piano and don’t need one, but for anyone who has a digital piano or an electric piano should get one, just in case. Note stands are modest in price and you can buy them in every music instrument store. The average price of a note stand is somewhere around 20 and 30 dollar mark.

Piano Cover

Trust me a decent piano cover will be handy. There will be times you don’t play the piano so much and you don’t want it to sit and gather dust. A piano cover will protect your piano from water damage, sun, and dust. It will extend your pianos life and lower your maintenance costs. If you have time you can take on a DIY project and makes a piano cover yourself.

Piano Lamp

I love having a piano lamp as i mostly play in the evening when its pretty dark. It’s very handy when you come home from work or school, you can just sit behind your piano, turn on your piano lamp and start making music. There are various designs and sizes or if you want to you can make one yourself.

Piano Seat

You dinner table chair is not really made for piano playing, you should buy a piano seat. Piano seats are made solely for piano playing. They are comfortable and make your piano playing more easy and enjoyable. Office seats and chairs that are not meant for piano playing will in the long run cause you more harm than good, its easy to have a bad posture in office chairs and that is really bad for your health. If any of your friends or family members are familiar with carpentry, ask them if they can help you with the piano seat.