A piano lamp can be a tall vertical light that sits next to the piano itself. The most popular piano lamp however is situated on top of the piano itself. They tend to differ in size and design, yet the lamps are covered so that it won’t blind the player. Piano lamps can also run on battery. There are electrical piano lamps as well. You can get these lamps at any musical instrument stores or on the web. The average cost of a piano lamp is between 40$-200$ dollars.

Thing You Should Know About the Piano Lamp:

  • You can use the lamp for other things as well
  • Piano lamps have a lot of different colors and designs
  • You can put LED in the lamp instead of a light bulb
  • LED is a very durable light
  • There are many different ways to hook the lamp to your piano
  • You can read a book under these lamps
  • It’s not a new invention, the first lamps were made in the 15th century
  • It can be a great wedding gift
  • The lamp is not limited to only one musical instrument
  • Pros always have a backup lamp with them
  • The most exotic lamp you can get is the Canelabra
  • You can see these lamps almost in every office setting
  • Piano lamps are easily accessible from your local music instrument store
  • Some people started to call these lamps “Office Lamps” as every office has them
  • You can get the lamp in any shape and size
  • These lamps are made to last and will maybe even outlast the piano itself