The most evident difference between original grand pianos and baby ones is size. There are numerous standard grand piano sizes, the definite estimations of which can fluctuate by maker or area. The accompanying are sizes that are the most widespread and know around the globe:

Sound of the bigger baby grand pianos is almost identical to the original ones, yet this turns out to be less so as the pianos get smaller.

The timber sound of the grand piano depends upon the length of the piano strings (of course the material and make is important as well). The longer they are the better sound quality they can give you, bringing about a more adjusted, full-bodied tone.

Price of the pianos

Baby grand pianos can cost you $2,000-$15,000 dollars, while the original grand pianos can cost anywhere from 20 to 100 thousand. Used grand pianos are not really that much cheaper than the new ones.


If you decide on a baby grand piano because of its price tag, go for the longest you can find. A good baby grand is better than a bad grand.

Make sure your room has the right conditions for the piano or you might ruin it.

Measure your room and make sure it will fit, the piano can take up up to 63ft of your entire room, which is a lot and it would be kind of late to find out it won’t fit the room or door when you already bought one.