Nothing is more grandiose than a grand piano. There is no better or perhaps there is no comparable feeling to when you play the grand piano. If you have never played on the grand piano then you should definitely try it at least once, it is truly an amazing experience that you won’t ever forget. The quality of the instrument come at a heavy cost. The least you have to pay for a quality grand piano is $10,000 plus all the extra costs to service the piano after you bought one. That’s way the digital baby grand piano was made.

The digital model of the grand piano is not a new idea but rather is something that is gaining more and more popularity. It might be because the price is 10% of the original baby grand piano, these pianos are turning out to be increasingly more wanted not only because of its cost, but because the concept of a digital piano is very interesting, but of course one of the main reason is the price that when compared with the baby grand piano is remarkably cheaper.

Cost: After looking through a large portion of the best child grand pianos on the web, I have come to a conclusion that unless you are extremely well off or you get one as a birthday present, most people won’t ever have the money to buy a grand piano to enjoy, but can afford the digital version of the piano. The digital version will run you around $1,500-$4,000 for the top of the line models the digitized piano is around 10% of the original grand baby piano. You can sometimes find a used baby grand piano for the same price you’d get a brand new digitized one.