If you want to play the piano, but don’t have as much room for it, then think about obtaining an upright piano. Upright pianos produce amazing sound, yet don’t takes as much room as a grand piano and is a beautiful addition to your room. They are also less demanding to move than a grand piano for example. Whether you want to buy a piano in light of the fact that your kid is taking lessons or you need something to unwind, there are many different one to choose from.

Upright piano from Baldwin is great for for you home. The big soundboard allows the player to create amazing, colorful tones and sounds beautiful even when you use the most bizarre not combos. Baldwin is a company that has been in business for more than 100 years and they use the most premium materials to build their upright pianos.

You can pick from a few different model of Yamaha upright pianos, that are all superbly designed and also have top quality materials. Becaus of the superb build quality and amazing sound the Yamaha pianos are one of the most popular upright pianos if the world.

Kimball and Co initially began making their Kimball upright pianos in 1864, and proceeded to make the for over a 100 years. Sadly they don’t make these pianos anymore, but you can still buy and antique model to restore yourself or an already restored version and enjoy the year 1864 all over again. They are made from material that will last for a long time.

Wurlitzer is one of the simplest pianos to move from one pace to another due to its removable pedals and legs, particularly when the piano should fit into tight places, like a staircase. Although they stopped making these pianos back in 03′ it is still a very popular piano that people buy, because of the beautiful tone it has.