In the year 36′ Baldwin presented us with a new piano that gained popularity very fast and spread across the world like wildfire – the Acrosonic piano.

Despite the fact that this piano is known for its little size, Baldwin also made bigger Acrosonic pianos which sounded a little bit different than their smaller counterparts.

It was so popular in the world, because of it’ cheap cost, superb material quality and it was not as big as other pianos at the time.

It is still used nowadays, but there are newer and better pianos out there for an even better price.

But there are other reasons to buy an Acrosonic piano besides it’s cost and size, for example one may want to acquire one because of its unique sound or because of personal preference.

If you plan to move the piano a lot or have a small room where to put it, then Acrosonic piano is perfect for you as it’s a light weight, petite piano.

Acrosonic pianos have an unique sound, because of its size it has shorter strings. Due to this the sound is mellow and unique.

The piano looks different than others, because its design has not changed since the year it was made in 36′ and is one of the reasons people are interested in buying one.

The company that makes these pianos use only the best materials that they can get their hands on and they employ only the best of the best to build them.

The cost is one of the best thing about these pianos. There are Acrosonic pianos that you can get for under 900 dollars, but make sure it has all the paperwork and service records.

Before buying:

Because of the sound of the piano being so one of a kind, try and play one one first and hear how it sounds, maybe you won’t even like it, but if you like it and the dig the way it looks, you should get one for yourself since it is made by Baldwin – an eminent organization that is been in business for more than 100 years.