Piano Tuning Cost

How much does piano tuning cost?

Piano tuning is not, as some individuals think, a super costly wallet destroyer and it’s not a thing you should only be doing when you are selling your piano or gifting it to someone close to you. Tuning ought to be redone every year, with most makers recommending two times in one year, no difference how cheap your piano is. If you won’t tune your piano as stated in the pianos manual it will cost you in the long run more than tuning it once or twice a year.

Tuning your piano is no the same as repairing it. Changing the hammers, hammer surfaces, strings (or whatever else) won’t be required for tuning. An accomplished and legitimate piano tuner will do a fast investigation and clarify, usually for no extra fee, if there are any repairs required before a tuning can be done. This is uncommon, unless the piano is extremely old or it’s been in a humid or under the sun for a while.

You should know that, tuning your piano and raising its pitch is not the same thing. The more your piano is out of tune the more the pitch will drop. When your piano starts to lose pitch, it must be reset before an expert can begin tuning it. Pianos usually lose their pitch during the colder months of winter and that’s why all your neighbors have been tuning them during spring time.

How are the costs calculated?

The expense of a decent tuning will be based on what company you use and how qualified their workers are. You can find people who will only charge $75 an hour for an easy tuning. The price is low not because they don’t know what they are doing, but because they want to build a strong clientele. Once someone has enough experience and has quite a bit of customers and work, he will start charging more. A standard tuning won’t take longer than one hour or maximum 1.5 hours.

Average hourly rate of tuners is about $100/hour. There are techs who do their job extraordinarily good. An extremely good tech with super positive reviews can charge you anywhere from 150 – 225 dollars an hour. For the most part however, professionals that talented are just approached when somebody has an exceptionally costly instrument, that he only entrusts to that professional.

Avoid future costs

So remember, it doesn’t matter how much your piano costs if you want to maintain a beautiful sound and avoid extra costs in the future, yearly tunings are important, you don’t want to let it sit for so long that you have to get a new piano later. Piano is always going to be a classical instrument, it’s not furniture. A cared for piano will stay in your family for decades if not for centuries.